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Jeff asked 6 years ago
I am having 2 issues:
  1. Google calendar appointments are not showing up in Easy Appointments;
  2. Easy Appointments is taking select repeat appointments in Google and adding multiple default appointments back into Google calendar (i.e. I have a meeting every Thurs. morning in Google calendar. Easy Appointment has added numerous appointments on the same day at the same time using the Default Service chosen in Connect).
I have set up Cron in WP but that has not made a difference. The appointments I add to Easy Appointments go right into Google calendar, but not from Google calendar into Easy Appointments.
1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Jeff,   looks like there are some issue with sync. Can you please create a temp access account for me? You can send it to nikolanbg[at]gmail[dot]com .   Best regards, Nikola