Google calender sync doesnt work

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Theresa asked 8 months ago
Hey, I just followed Nikolas Tutorial of connecting Easy Appointments with the Google Calendar, but it still shows free appointments that are not available anymore in the calendar. Where is the problem? 
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 8 months ago
Hi, could be multiple things. For example you have more then one slot for that time. Depends also on settings for calculating busy slots there are multiple options there. Also you can have issue with Sync back from Google Calendar. Do you see any warning message at top of the Extension Google settings? Best regards, Nikola
nitin_kapoor answered 4 weeks ago

My appointments are not syn with google.I have folllow all steps from video.But that is not working. Please suggest.
cams answered 3 weeks ago
Why you are ignoring us all Nikola?