Google Calendar time wrong & doesn't sync.

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Martine Van Herck asked 4 years ago
Dear Nicola, I have 2 problems with my settings.
  1.   There is a difference of 2 ours between booking time and the time that the booking appears in my google calendar.   Time settings are nl-BE in EA and GMT+2, Middle East Time Brussels in Google Calendar.
  2. Google Calendar does not sync. with EA.  When I delete an appointment in Google calendar it does not sync with EA, even not after 5 minutes concerning settings in EA.
Thanks in advance for your support, Martine
1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Martine, solution is: 1. please go to Settings > General page and there set time zone as Named time zone instead of time offset (GMT+2). 2. You are missing advance sync options mappings inside EA Extension settings page at the bottom. Just make sure that there is no "Any" value in those mappings :) Best regards, Nikola