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dave.brill Staff asked 5 years ago
I am seeing inconsistencies with the 2 way sync with Google Calendar.  There are times when adding entries into the calendar everything syncs and is fine, other times entries don't show up. I have the same email address in the two workers that owns the calendars.  I have default services configured.  I have 7 days set to sync.  The advanced calendars are set to the different workers. I am hosted WP on GoDaddy and using every 5 minutes.
When it syncs....everything works great.....but the challenge is that its not consistent. Any help would be great.
dave.brill Staff replied 5 years ago

The log files show the 5 minute sync with nothing to sync even after new appointments were added.

[2018-12-04 16:31:59.583749] [info] Syncing events for Calendar:
[2018-12-04 16:40:34.389023] [info] Sync started
[2018-12-04 16:40:34.389166] [debug] Calendars for sync array(
‘location’ => ‘*’,
‘service’ => ‘*’,
‘worker’ => ‘1’,
) array(
‘location’ => ‘*’,
‘service’ => ‘*’,
‘worker’ => ‘2’,

The times it has worked the log shows:

[2018-12-04 15:17:50.557543] [info] Synced events : 9
[2018-12-04 15:17:50.557630] [info] Syncing events for Calendar:
[2018-12-04 15:17:50.557760] [info] Sync event within next 3
[2018-12-04 15:17:51.065428] [info] Fetched from Google Calendar 3 events
[2018-12-04 15:17:51.081068] [info] New event imported from Google Calendar

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Dave, from log file looks like it has pull 3 new events from Google Calendar. Under GoDaddy you should have Cron settings option in CPanel. Using build in cron is far better option than external one. Best regards, Nikola