Google calendar stopped synching November 14

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cole_enabnit Staff asked 8 months ago
Hello, Google calendar stopped synching appointments with EA on November 14. Prior to that date, everything was working normally. This is reflected in the sync log. I have not changed any settings since then. Any ideas?
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi Cole, have you changed you google account password? You should try re-authorising again for that account. Best way to check if token is still valid is to open Extension Google settings and go to advance sync option and try to see if you can list available accounts.

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cole_enabnit Staff replied 8 months ago

Hi Nikola, thank you for the quick response. I have not changed my google password. None of the calendars are syncing. I have tried revoking the token and reauthorizing. I have also tried removing the calendars and re-adding them.

cole_enabnit Staff replied 8 months ago

My apologies. I just tried deleting again and then reauthorizing and then adding them again and that seems to have worked.

tamas_demenyi Staff answered 7 months ago
The exact same thing happened to me, and yet again now. I re-authorized it and works again. (no password changed, nothing changed, just stop synching) Is there a way to 'cure' this?