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Dark Staff asked 4 years ago
Hello @Nikola Loncar  Since none of my questions are being answered, I'll ask once again
  1. Deleted EA appointments wont delete GC envents…
    It will only delete if I cancel the appointment, is that the right behaviour?
  2.  Syncing the info from google calendar, the name and description in GC both are synced to “description” field in EA, is that the expected behaviour? shouldnt the name of the event be synced to the correct field instead, i.e. "name" field?
  Hoping for answers, since I paid for the extension, and I'm expecting a little more feedback about it since theres almost no information in the Documentation or Help pages...   Thanks in advance    
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi, sorry for waiting. In order to delete events from google calendar you need to cancel appointments in EA instead of removing it. Regarding second question, yes it should be like that. There is a option to fill out data from previous appointment if email matches between those two. Best regards, Nikola
Dark Staff replied 4 years ago

My doubts are cleared now, many thanks for the prompt reply @Nicola !!!

Regards and have a nice day!