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Paul asked 2 years ago
EA perfectly fine adds bookings to the google calendar.
When added a booking manually within the google calendar, it doesnt sync back to EA. Thats happening since maybe three weeks.

A cronjob is running since two years when we startet using EA and EA Connect [Beta] plugin. No warning message in EA Connect [Beta] plugin about it.    What i have tried so far:

- I removed the client ID and client secret, generated new ones and added them within the EA Connect [Beta] plugin.
- I added the gmail e-mail account as the worker e-mail account, even though it worked before perfectly fine without it.
- I removed the authorization and then again authorized the plugin with google.
- I changed sync interval to 15 minutes. It didnt solve anything, changed it back to 5 minutes. 

Any idea what else i could try to fix that problem?

Thanks in advance.
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago
HI Paul sync back from google calendar is done by WP Cron job. Most likely it is not running anymore. Can you please try setting sync interval to 30 minutes and see if that will solve the issue? Best regards, Nikola
Paul-TheSyncGuy Staff replied 2 years ago

I did that. And right now it did sync two test appointments successfully.
Iam gonna check now if it works within the next days.

But iam confused right now.

I did create a cron job with my hosting provider for every 5 minutes.
Now i have chosen in your plugin to sync every 30 minutes.
Why is that? Does it now sync every 5 or every 30 minutes? Iam confused.

Paul-TheSyncGuy Staff replied 2 years ago

So i tested that 30 minutes thing and it worked yesterday, even though 30 minutes are too long.

Today it doesnt work anymore, even with 30 minutes.

Paul-TheSyncGuy Staff answered 2 years ago
Just an update.

The new appointments still havent been synced, even after one day and with 30 min. syncing interval.

It worked the day i changed syncing interval and after that not anymore.
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi, hosting companies can block cron execution on short interval. Question is why it worked for a day and then stop. I would suggest that you keep that at 30 minutes and sync only appointments in next 60 days. Best regards, Nikola
Paul-TheSyncGuy Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi Nikola, EasyAppointments worked now for about two years.
I really dont think that this would be a solutions, but i will give it a try.

Paul-TheSyncGuy Staff answered 2 years ago
Soooo, it has definitly nothing to do with the time interval.

As soon as i save the settings in your Connect Plugin, the sync works for a few minutes and stops working again.
I attached you a screenshot from google API which shows the moments i saved the settings in your plugin and that it stopped working a few minutes later again.

Any idea why that is happening?
And i also called the hosting provider who said there is no issue with the cron job and its no problem to run it every five minutes.
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi Paul, sorry for waiting can you please tell me is there any related error log message on your hosting regarding that? Do you have any warning message at the top of EA Extension settings page? Best regards, Nikola