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Melanie asked 8 months ago

I added schedules in my EA calendar in 1 hour increments. When I do a test and take a fictitious appointment, the appointment is added to my Google Calendar, but the time is not the correct one. There is a delay of 4hrs. I choose the 10am slot, and on my Google Calendar, it’s booked at the 2pm slot.
Also, I receive two notification emails, one of which contains only the phrase “Please confirm your appointment” and the second with all the information, as well as the links to confirm the appointment, or cancel it. Is it possible to receive only one email, and also to put these links at the top of the email and not at the bottom?

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi Melanie, you need to select timezone inside WP Admin settings that is named instead of UTC +/- time offset. So something like Europe/Berlin.

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