Support forumfull-calender-view-some-shortcode-values-do-not-have-effect-popup-does-not-open
simply asked 2 years ago

Im using this shortcode: [[ea_full_calendar worker="1" show_remaining_slots="1" display_event_end="1" views="basicWeek"]] But its still showing a monthly view and does not show remaining slots:https://alexandravaporidis.co.ke/full-calendar/ Also i have setup the popup but when i click on the booking nothing happensIs there any option that a NEW appointment can be booked via this calendar?

simply replied 2 years ago

The popup is now opening without me changing anything. The other two questions are still open.

1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi, can you please check if there are any caching system active on that page? If that is the case purge cache and try again. Best regards, Nikola
simply replied 2 years ago

Its not a caching issue, if i change other settings in the same shortcode it shows immediately…