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Richard asked 4 years ago
Hello,   I have a few quick questions, first the easy one: Q1: If I add the cancel link into the email that the user receives on confirmation, they can't use it unless by the look of it hey are logged into the site (same for admins authorising). Is there a way for the cancel link to work without a login to the site? The next three relate to the full calendar: Q2: I am looking at setting up a full calendar to give our students an indication of how many slots are still available. I have set up a simple test page (https://www.birminghamshotokan.com/full-calendar-test/) with the following shortcode: [ea_full_calendar worker="1" service="1" location="1" show_remaining_slots="1" default_view="month" views="basicWeek,month"] However the show_remaining_slots doesn't seem to do anything yet it is referenced in the documentation whilst an answer to a similar question seemed to suggest that it wasn't available but I'm not sure if that was an earlier release or the documentation is wrong..A list of the empty slots would solve the problem. In an ideal world I would like it to show something along the lines of the Time Table report view. (Alternatively having the remaining capacity in brackets would also solve the problem if it was available at booking time, maybe another option on the connection "show remaining Capacity"):   The reason for this is that some of our students are booking multiple slots for themselves plus kids and only want to book the slot for the children if there is enough room for both of them (space is limited due to Covid-19 social distancing regulations we need to follow). Q3: The event popup seems to only partially take the colour scheme used by the site resulting in the text being unreadable (see link above). Is there a way to force it to follow the site theme. Q4: Is there a way to hide some of the booking status types (our students don't need to have visibility of anything other than available, pending, confirmed) EA: v3.0.4, WP: v5.5.1, PHP: v7.2 Thanks for any help. P.S. @Nikola Loncar  I have tried to register so that I could reply to the issue I was having with restricting the booking form by service and attach my cancel question to a similar question about how to do it (but didn't address the sign in issue) but alas I don't seem to be getting the emails with the password. The solution to the first issue was the parameter order which appears to be significant having to be worker, service, location for it to work..