Support forumCategory: QuestionsFull Calendar not populating on mobile devices if worker not selected, but works fine on desk top
Samir Al-Busaidy asked 2 years ago

Yesterday I got the code for full calendar display. At first, only a few items showed because only worker 1 was selected… so I removed worker 1 and everything showed on the desktop. However, on mobile I get an error “there was an error while fetching events”
Is there a way to display all events of a calendar regardless of worker?

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Samir, are you logged in on mobile phone?

Best regards,

cycleomania replied 2 years ago

🙁 no!
Since I was seeing it my computer, it did not even occur to me that it is showing because I am logged on to wordpress…
I got it now 🙂
I will log in via my iPad which I use in the shop for transactions to see if I can see the calendar from there
Thank you 🙂

cycleomania replied 2 years ago

It works… thank you so very much…
Kind regards