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Keith asked 3 years ago

Hello Everyone,
We have three questions relating to the WordPress
plugin: Easy Appointments.
1) Is there a way to edit the front end language for our Japanese and keep the back end in English?
2) After an appointment has been booked, is there a method to forward a customer from the WordPress site to our own external site:
3) In the currency section, is there a way to remove the decimal point and the last two zeros?( ie: from ¥25,000.00 to ¥2500)
Thank you in advance.
Apia College

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Keith,

1. I am not sure that is possible. Only thing that you can done is to remove those translations from po/mo files. But still some things will be translated
2. Yes there is such option inside EA Settings > Customize page
3. There is no such option atm. But I will write it down so it can be added soon. Something like currency format.

Best regards,