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Barrek asked 1 year ago
Hi! I´ve managed to change names of dates and months in FullCalendar but I can't manage to change how the date is formatted in a certain place. When in week view the dates above the days of the weeks show MM/DD, I would rather have it DD/MM as it is how we format the date in my country. I have tried experimenting using stuff like "day_format_short=dd/mm" but it doesn't work. I appreciate help in this matter :)
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 1 year ago
Hi Barrek, have you checked Best regards, Nikola
Barrek Staff replied 1 year ago

Yeah I’ve looked at it and tried different options, but I can’t get it right, I can change all the headers, which is great, but I can’t change the date format in the week view above the day, see picture: