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Karol Krajcir asked 5 years ago
I would like to pre-fill in logged in user details (name and email) rather than previously entered details. Is this possible in the settings? Or if not, which section of the plugin deals with the generation of the form fields where I can add my custom code.    Thanks!
puk789 replied 5 years ago

so I found generate_custom fields($meta) function in the src -> frontend.php file. Inside, there is $email = ($item -> validation == ’email’) etc. I take it this is just the validation of the email, but I cannot find where you actually populate the email field. If I could find that, I would be able to do something like this: value=””


puk789 replied 5 years ago

something like this: value= ”

2 Answers
puk789 answered 5 years ago
It's not working in the comments... this is what I wanted to add:

<?php echo $user_email; ?>"
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi, you can put those values as GET params to url and it will put that in custom form if names of params and fields match. Best regards, Nikola