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Thomas K. asked 4 years ago
Hey, I looked at the plugin today and I really like it. Unfortunately, two functions don't seem to be available at the moment or I couldn't find them? Is it possible to fill in the fields "Name" and "E-Mail" when calling up? For example with data from another plugin? With the Caldera Forms plugin can I already filled form fields by using a shortcode when the form is called up. This way I could enter data from my autoresponser in the fields when calling and thus create a better customer experience :-) What would also be important here is to have a hidden field in your form of this plugin: for example to have an ID hash of my autoresponder available. Would that be conceivable extensions for the plugin? For me it would be the perfect plugin for reservations and future expansion with PayPal or Google Calendar. Thanks and regards
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Thomas, field values can be added by default. For example if you have logged in user you can easily pre fill that value. Also there is a callback so you can add any value that you want to fields by adding custom code. Adding hidden field will be also passible but it will require some additional code :) Best regards, Nikola