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Consuelo_Daza Bertrand asked 6 years ago
Hi Nikola, If I want to send the ics file to the client for his own agenda, I mark the Send ICS file in the plugin extension EA. Confirming the appointment, apparently, does nothing;
After a few seconds, I press the button again to confirm and the error appears slot is taken I have reviewed the data are fine: I have the appointment data and the client's email address this section is linked to calendar?, or it is independent...
The calendar API, it gives me error   ¡muchas gracias! un saludo, Consuelo Daza
Consuelo_Daza Bertrand replied 6 years ago

in this case, the appointment has been marked for the worker, but the client has not received the mail.
the worker has received the appointment confirmation email

Consuelo_Daza Bertrand replied 6 years ago

I’ve tried not to press the appointment confirmation button a second time:
the appointment is booked and confirmed
the worker receives the confirmation email
the customer does NOT receive the confirmation email, nor the ICS
admin does NOT receive email notification.
The “Reservation completed” message does not appear on the screen.

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 6 years ago

I know what is the issue there. Your hosting don’t have temp file location so ICS can’t be generated on the fly. I will improve that part.

Best regards,

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Consuelo_Daza Bertrand answered 6 years ago
Hi, Nikola thank you for responding
I'm waiting for your news   un saludo, Consuelo Daza
Consuelo_Daza Bertrand answered 5 years ago
Hi, Nikola   after the last update works very well!!!!   Thanks! Un saludo, Consuelo