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Susanne asked 8 months ago

Hi, I noticed more users were having the same problem I’m having right now, but I haven’t found the solution yet.
I keep getting the error message: You need to define at least one location, worker and service! Without that widget won’t work.
As far as I can see, everything has been adjusted correctly. What on earth am I doing wrong? The option ‘Settings’ is completely blank…. Any help will be highly appreciated!

1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi Susanne, you need to define at least one Location, Service and Worker. But also you will need one Connection that is set active with those values (Location, Service, Worker).

Best regards,

Dongemond2022 replied 8 months ago

Hi Nikola, thanks for you reply. But that’s just the thing. I did define a Location, Service and Worker. The form works just fine, but I can’t define a re-direct page since the Settings page is completely blank.

Dongemond2022 replied 8 months ago

Dongemond2022 = Susanne by the way