Error: invalid_request Missing Required Parameter: client_ID

Support forumError: invalid_request Missing Required Parameter: client_ID
Alex B. asked 5 years ago
HI Nikola, need your help. Purchased plugin, installed everything following the video, went through process 10+ times. Every time get stuck when pressing "Authorize" button - I get the below error message. Can you please help? Thank you! 400. That’s an error. Error: invalid_request Missing required parameter: client_id Learn more Request Details
  • response_type=code
  • redirect_uri=
  • client_id=
  • scope=
  • access_type=offline
  • approval_prompt=auto
1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Alex, have you copied that client id right? Make sure that there is no empty spaces before/after id. Best regards, Nikola