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Jake asked 3 years ago
Hi,   Love this plugin! But small issue. Every time someone submits an appointment. It will send them an email for pending (correct). Then email them two more times (one confirmation) and then the other to cancel. They show up as cancelled in the backend, but not one changed it from pending. 
3 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Jake, this one is simple to solve, mail server is checking the link by opening it. So it is triggering actions. Go to EA Settings > Mail and mark option called Two step mail actions and save settings. Best regards, Nikola
ChrisK answered 3 years ago
Hi, we are experiencing the same problem. Every other booking gets canceled instantly. "Two Step mail action" is activated and has been working just fine for over a year, however, since a few weeks this is not the case anymore. Tried to deactivate and activate it again, didn't change anything. Best,
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Chris, can you please tell me did you clear cache on your site if you are using some kind of caching engine. Also is there a way for me to check that like link to page where I can test form etc. Best regards, Nikola
ChrisK replied 3 years ago

HI Nikola,
It’s woirking again. Two possible causes (didn’t have time to check them one by one).
1. We are using sendinblue wordpress plugin as sender of all transactional emails via wordpress. I removed all links from the admin mail template.
2. We are using a caching/optimizing plugin and I excluded all js from EA from being processed