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skiz asked 3 months ago

Hey there!

We have a serious problem, both the test email and the notification email of the admin are not working.

I’m the only worker there and have the same email for admin and worker so far, and I didn’t get any notification. 

Need urgent support, thank you in advance. 

JoplinPublicLibrary replied 3 months ago

We are also having the same issue.
Confirmation emails are not coming into Event Admin nor are reservation emails being sent to Patrons.

fence guy replied 3 months ago

Same. Everything is set up and I don’t have any EA errors.

JoplinPublicLibrary replied 3 months ago

We determined that our problem was the SMTP pluging on our site was no longer working with our Google Workspace emails.
We had to deploy a Google Web API for SMTP on our site and use that SMTP service. Once that was done it worked great

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi, do you have any error log inside EA Settings > Tools page regarding email?

Best regards,

fence guy replied 3 months ago

I am having the same issue. EA shows Error Log is empty. The Native test email worked but I have tried testing different appointments and none of them work.