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cb29kqp Staff asked 5 years ago
Hi there, first of all, this is really a great plugin for Appointments. I love the flexibility it offers, even some things may not yet be perfect ;-) Here is what I'm working on: In my theme function.php I added the callback for the Email action redirect URL. To avoid a message on a blank page I set the Refresh time in /src/mail.php to 0 for the appointment confirm and cancel messages. Thus it redirects perfectly to pages on my website. However, there might be times when a user clicks on a link twice which would bring the messages: "Appointment can't be confirmed" or "Appointment can't be canceled!" up on a blank white browser page. As with the above redirects I'd like theses messages to be redirected to a page of my website. Is there any way to do that? "Appointment can't be canceled!" has apply_filters ea_cant_be_canceled_redirect_url in line 181 which seems to make it possible to be redirected through the theme function.php as well. I'll give it a try tomorrow. But there are other messages in /src/mail.php which only get displayed on an empty white browser page as of using die(). This works, sure, but doesn't look very professional from my point of view. Any idea or input how to solve this is highly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance. Best Regards,