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Nicolas Mejia asked 2 years ago

hello i add this extension here:

is working really great, now im using the free version but i want to know if in the paid one i can edit whatever i need for example on left column i have 3 fields, what if i want to have a 4th one?

also the price is good but is confusing on the position of my form
also i can only made reservations prior 5 days ahead is it possible to do this? i cant do reservations for same day or next day minimum 5 days 
thanks in advanced

1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Nicolas, you can have up to 3 select fields on the left side. Those are Location, Service, Worker. Regarding price I see that all the values are 0 also you can place dollar sign before value if you want. For the last one you can do that even now, inside EA Settings > Customize there is option called Block time. There you can set minimum value in minutes between current time and now.

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