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Keith asked 4 years ago
Hi Nikola, Thanks for getting back to us! Our server is located in Singapore, and according the hosting company the server cannot be restarted. We have tried various pho.ini codes, but these do work. For example: date.time = “Asia/Tokyo” <?php  echo \"Today is\" . date(\"d-M-Y\"). \"\"; echo \"Today is \" . date(\"l\") . \"\"; date_default_timezone_set(\'Asia/calcutta\'); echo \"The time is \" . date(\"h:i:sa\"); ?> [Date] ; Defines the default timezone used by the date functions ; http://php.net/date.timezone date.timezone = \"Asia/Tokyo\" ; http://php.net/date.default-latitude ;date.default_latitude = 31.7667 What do other Asian customers do to get easy appointments to function? Is there an alternative method? Thank you in advance, Keith  
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Keith, you can alter time zone settings inside WordPress admin panel under Settings > General. There you can select Asia/Tokyo etc :) Best regards, Nikola