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aurel_radu asked 10 months ago

We recently bought your extension for the Easy Appointments plugin and it works great!

We just want to ask if it is possible to block the date of the schedule after the payment is done. We want to mention that we used the WooCommerce payment. Our website is https://psiholog-mihaela-gherca.ro/programeaza-te-online/ Thank you! 
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 10 months ago
Hi, you need to first make default status of bookings to be pending. Then second thing is to fill out settings in Extension plugin to connect service with virtual WooCommerce products. Third step is to fill out redirect to go to Checkout Cart after booking the appointment. Best regards, Nikola
aurel_radu replied 9 months ago

Hello again,

We tried to set the status to reserved to have that option with five minutes of waiting to cancel the appointment if the payment isn’t finished. We observed that the appointment disappeared after an hour if the payment isn’t complete which is ok but we also observe that the payment is deleted if the payment is complete which is not ok.

Can you please help us?
I will let you my data access from the website if you need to check the settings:

Thank you!