Easy Appointments Calendar Not Working with New Elementor Pop up

Support forumEasy Appointments Calendar Not Working with New Elementor Pop up
Danielle asked 3 years ago
We have been using easy appointments to book discovery calls for our website. We previously inserted the shortcode into a saved section and then added it to an Elementor Addons pop-up. With Elementor's newest update they created their own Pop-Up functionality (which essentially broke the paid addon version we bought so we aren't using it anymore). We have been transitioning to Elementor's new pop-up widget to streamline things but Easy Appointments will not work in the pop-up.  We insert the shortcode and the calendar and form show up, but you cannot select any dates in the calendar or change the month to select an appointment. The bottom form works fine and the Easy Appointments shortcode works perfectly fine if you just insert it straight into the page - it just doesn't work in the pop-up. Any solutions?  You can view the issue here: https://www.domaonline.com/contact-us/discovery-call/ Also, is there anywhere to find the right list of CSS tags to change all the text colors? I have been trying to re-color it to work on a dark background and it's a hassle to find each part and give it a new CSS rule with the inspect function.