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Poladura Staff asked 3 years ago
Hi, one question with the Api Connector. is there any way to get more data from the appointment? For example the Doctor ID that we need to pass to woocommerce.   Thanks
Poladura Staff replied 3 years ago

HI Nikola, thanks for replying my questions.


This is where the customer starts the Appontiment process. Our questions was focused in what kind of data you can. pass from Easy Appointment side to Woocommerce side… I start asking for the Doctor ID, but may be could be great for us to pass day/time start/time end…

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi where you please share the link to customers form to check where you are storing that value atm when you are doing booking from customers side. Best regards, Nikola
Poladura Staff replied 3 years ago

Hi, any help? What I need here is know if the Appointment Connector between Appointment and Woocommerce, could capture all the data from an appointment to be taken from the Woocommerce REST API.