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TJ asked 6 years ago
Hi there, I'm building a website with your Easy Appointments plugin for a client that does not know how to use Wordpress, nor does she want to. Wondering what the easiest/best way would be for her to block days and times off? So if for example she has Monday to Friday set to be available for bookings from 9am to 5pm but then one day decides she wants to take a Wednesday off or half of a Wednesday, what's the easiest way for her to prevent people from booking her on that particular Wednesday during the specified time-frame? Thanks, T
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi T, if you are using also Extension plugin beside EA then she can block that half day within Google Calendar. Extension plugin provides Google Calendar integration. :) Best regards, Nikola
TJ answered 6 years ago
Ok thanks, that\'s what I figured. The problem I\'m facing is getting access to my clients gmail account in order to setup the integration. Wish there was an easier way to integrate with Google Calendar. That or simply to be able to provide the client with a Calendar page either in the frontend or backend of Wordpress. If frontend, I\'d just put it on a page that\'s only accessible to logged in users. Any possibility of something like this being introduced in the future? Thanks, T
Nikola Loncar Staff replied 6 years ago

You can check how it’s done on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sondt5kL_Hc

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