ea_bootstrap not working on mobile :(

Support forumea_bootstrap not working on mobile :(
Vasile Bobeika asked 3 years ago
ea_bootstrap not working on mobile. Can't select date. Calendar remains disabled. Here is link to page.
2 Answers
Erik Liljencrantz Staff answered 3 years ago
ea_bootstrap works on mobile in my installation (verified) but not in Your car booking (also verified) (tested on updated Android with Chrome). However, using Chrome on desktop, the error in Your case can be reproduced by making the window more narrow and error appear (time slots and calendar date become disabled) when switching from 2 column layout to 1 column layout.

My installation only have 1 column and works both on mobile and desktop. You could try to skip the 2 column layout option and check if it works on mobile then to narrow the error down to appear with "1 column layout when 2 columns are specificed"?

Regards from another Easy-Appointment user,
  Erik L.
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Vasile, you have some kind of active JS that is changing values on mobile resolution. :( Can you please check if you can turn it off Best regards, Nikola