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Kostis Tsarpalis asked 6 years ago
Dear Nikola, Relative to my previous question, it might be helpful to know that the person who is responsible for maintaining the site did the following changes a few days ago: 1. Installed SSL certificate, 2. added green padlock. He believes that what is happening now is that the plugin is trying to communicate with the address in which it was installed (http://) but now that this address has changed to https:// it gets "confused". Does this make sense? Any ideas on how to solve this without the need to go back to the previous version of the site? Thanks a lot, Kostis
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Kostis, I am not sure what can be the issue there. Can you please reply to previous my question. Also one more thing can you please register so we can have conversation within same thread. Best regards, Nikola