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Richard_UK Staff asked 3 years ago
Hi Nikola, Would it be possible to add some sort of validation for email addresses via either a confirmation field that ensures it matches the address typed in the e-mail field and/or via regular expressions so that one could be defined to match standard email formats e.g. a '.' after the '@'.symbol and must have an '@' symbol Now that things are re-opening we have had two of our students parents mistype their emails already when booking for a first week back and then contact us because they didn't receive confirmation e-mails. Thanks, Richard
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Richard, can you please tell me is that email field type or regular input field? Best regards, Nikola
Richard_UK Staff replied 3 years ago

Hi Nikola,
I am thinking in terms of validation of the email field type examples of they type of thing that have been entered are (not real names):


Obviously i wouldn’t expect basdic validation to spot the second case as it could technically be valid but that is where a confirmation field would come in and you would have to hope that they wouldn’t make the same typo twice.

However in the first case a regex checking for ‘@’ followed by any characters and a ‘.’ would have caught the invalid email.

Best regards,