Does this plugin have these features?

Support forumDoes this plugin have these features?
Mikke Drago asked 4 years ago
Hello. This plugin seems promising. I have some questions. If the customer book regular days (monday till friday. Check in 13:00 and check out 11:00 next day) ) the price is XXX each day.If the customer book weekend (friday 13:00 to sunday 18:00) the price is total YYYYIf the customer book the whole week monday 13:00 to sunday 18:00 the price is ZZZZ.If this pricing possible?They cant book only friday, the must book friday - sunday. But they can book thursdag and friday.Will this split selection show in calendar? If a customer book thursday to friday 11:00 I still want people to be able to choose to book from friday 13:00 to sunday.Sincerly.
1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Mikke, atm EasyAppointments doesn't support whole day booking. :( Best regards, Nikola