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Harman asked 2 years ago
Hi, We would like to disable email/SMS when there\'re any changes made to appointments other than the change in time. As of now, a slight change in the appointment details field triggers the SMS, as we make changes to our notes internally, we don\'t want to send repetitive messages to customers. SMS is sent on the change in notes is the confirmation SMS. I tried the checkbox to avoid sending the email, but it still triggers the email irrespective of the checkbox selection. Thank you.
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi Harman, that one is tricky thing to decide. That should depend on SMS content, if same SMS is sent then don't send it again. Would that be ok with you? Best regards, Nikola
Harman replied 2 years ago

Yes in the context of sms that will work, but in the matter of email can you make that checkbox work so that when it’s unselected emails won’t send.

Thank you.