Different prices per temporary interval?

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manolodivago asked 5 years ago
I am interested in buying this plugin to install it on a rental site for rehearsal rooms for musicians (by the hour) and that those interested could pay their reservation directly. At the moment I installed the free version to test it and I find some problems. I need to set a start and end time of the service and assign different prices depending on the time interval chosen. Keep in mind that in my business the rental price varies depending on the amount of time booked (1 hour or more). This business has two rehearsal rooms that are rented as follows: 1 hour: 15 euros, 2 hours: 20 euros; 3 hours, 25 euros, 4 hours: 30 euros. At the moment, I have tried to establish connections that allow me to do it according to these requirements but I do not get it. If I assign to each room the services converted into time intervals (rent for 1 hour, rent for 2 hours, etc.) and there is only one worker, interprets them as independent services, does not block reservations; that is to say, that it is the case that I reserve local 1> service rent two hours from 8 in the morning and when I go to reserve local 1> Service rent 1 hour from 8 in the morning, it is free, has not been blocked What I would need is for the system to interpret that it is the same room and that therefore at that time it will be occupied. I think that what I'm doing should not be the right way, so I ask how could I do it? Can you help me? Thank you very much and greetings