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sabappi asked 3 years ago
Hi Nikola,
I am a happy user of your plug-in. Nice idea. I see you work a lot to improve it. Well done, and good work.
I use the plug-in for an Italian institutional site and during its use I encountered some needs that I would like to submit to you.
I have set up the various services in the organization and set up the booking and reply emails, but I have noticed that it is not possible to set up different emails for the various services. What I mean is that the people in the organization who can receive the booking emails also receive the Appointments emails required for other services.
Is there a way to do this ? Is it possible in a future update to possibly make your plug-in do this? second question
I created an "Appointment Type" field (Select)
-Video Conference
- in person
Is it possible to assign one type of appointment for one service, and the other appointment for another service? Thank you
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Philip, we are planning to add template engine to email templates. So you would be able to do things based on appointment details. For example to show something if service is A etc. Best regards, Nikola