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ekydiy Staff asked 6 years ago
Hi, I was about to change my calendar all over since I am changing location and schedule. I noticed that the date format will not display correct, neither in the backend when composing a connection, nor on the front end. I have chosen 00/24 hrs clock in the settings, but end up getting to pick AM/PM hrs when making connections. Also in the front end it will display 1PM and 1AM both as 01:00. Hence no way to set for example a connection for 13.00 hrs. Clients will see 01.00 in the front end. I have globally set my wordpress site to 24 hrs clock. My old appointments made a year ago or so worked as they should. Unfortunately I deleted them, or I could have edited them perhaps. Any new connections made suffer the same. everything is updated Any ideas or known issues? I love the plugin otherwise thanks, Erik
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Erik, you should also set time format inside WordPress General settings. Also on EA > Settings > Customize page. Best regards, Nikola
ekydiy Staff replied 6 years ago

Thanks you for your quick reply. However I already have both set up the same in General settings and in the EA customise page. They each are set to 00-24.

ekydiy Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi again, never mind. I was prompted to do a data update for my woo commerce install, and now it seems to work properly. Thank you, Best Regards Erik