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Slavcho asked 1 year ago

I am considering to purchase your plugin 

There are 2 questions that i need to have answer:

1. As I have different funnel for every service that I sell, when client will finish booking process she should be redirected to separate thank you page for every service

2. Is there any possibility to make integration with Mautic ( marketing automation tool

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Slavcho,

regarding 1. question it’s not supported atm but it can be easily added if you want it.

2. Can you please tell me how Mautic integration is working? There are custom hooks that can be used for example if you need to add Google Analytics events etc.

Best regards,
Nikola replied 1 year ago

Hi Nicola, please confirm when separate thank you page for every service will be avaliable so i can purchase the plugin