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Lt23live Staff asked 5 years ago
Love this plugin. Purchased the extension. I was setting multiple forms on multiple pages I want each of them to have a custom redirect to a different WooCommerce checkout, but so far it sets only one redirect. Is there a way to do this? Or will there be one in the future?
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi, can you please tell me how you are planning to separate those redirects? Based on some data from booking etc? Best regards, Nikola
Lt23live Staff replied 5 years ago

So I have this page on my website,
Say for example we click “Date Night”
It would take the user to this link. They would schedule and then go to a checkout window and pay.

For each of the products listed on the Pricing page I would give it its own checkout almost identical to the Date Night page.