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Hajtsu asked 1 year ago

I have created some additional form fileds but
Is it possible to convert added Custom Form Fields to Tags to be used in emails sent to customer in appointment book notification as created by default for example #worker_name# & #service_name#?
Thanks in advance!
BR. Hajar

2 Answers
Hajtsu answered 1 year ago

Seems that this issue has been solved in version 2.5.2, thanks!
BR. Hajstu

nicecap replied 11 months ago

Hi hajtsu.

Can you please give a hint how the tags are created?

Will a custom field created as Street be the tag #street#?


Hajtsu answered 11 months ago

Hi Nicecap, Yes exactly when you creat a new field it creates a new tag with same name and if you have more than one word so please use (-) instead of space. All tags are visible under Mail notifications, Name = #name#, First Name= #first-name# Hope this helps!Hajtsu