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Hajtsu asked 6 days ago

Thanks for this great plugin.
Is the a way to add dropdown menu (max. 2 choice) or checkbox to the custom fields form? if yes how please?
Thanks in advance!

2 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 days ago

Hi, yes you can. Inside custom form fields use select type field. But make sure that you have latest version 2.5.1 there. There was a bug in 2.5 that prevented select field.

Best regards,

Hajtsu answered 5 days ago

Thanks for very quick reply. I had version 2.5 and after updating it works fine 🙂
Next problem:
I translated plugin to local language using Loco before updating and now after updating to 2.5.1  the language has been changed automatically to english, is this bug or should I translate every time after updating?
Best regards,