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Olaf asked 4 weeks ago
Hi Nikola,
While searching the forum I found several questions about a checkbox form field. Right now there are 2 options, one for the GDPR and one for accepting the terms.
I need a box for receiving a newsletter. This checkbox need to be an optional field. 
Just like the select field but than with an easy to check checkbox and a label beside the box.

Using this checkbox I'm able to use your hook and subscribe the visitor to any email marketing system :)
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Hi Olaf, that can be done. Additional checkbox for just triggering some hook that you can later attache to?

Best regards,

Olaf replied 3 weeks ago

yes a checkbox that I can use for newsletter subscription.
If this field is available in the fields array I can fire an API call to the email marketing system (using your standard after submission hook).
Checkbox field + label (after the check box)

PS sorry for the delay, the notification ended up in my spam box 🙁