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Nikola Loncar Staff asked 10 months ago

Hi, as all you know there is global pandemic spread of COVID 19 virus. If you have special request that can be used or useful to others please tag them with COVID19 tag. We will do our best to help in this situation. Please stay safe and act responsible.

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Mario replied 9 months ago

I think is useful add an “user registration” with social ( just integrated in wordpress ) ?

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 8 months ago

Hi Mario, you are talking about being user of

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Mario replied 8 months ago

User of the website where are installed the plugin

Bashar replied 7 months ago

Hi Nikola,
I was thinking about a feature if you can add, I think it would be improve the plugin in these condition.
If you can add a further step in appointment reservation process to add companions.
for example: I booked an appointment using the plugin, before I click on submit, the form will give me the option to add a companion.
This option will allow to add the number of companions, the information of the companion which will include the first name, the last name, age, contact number.
in the appointment list (admin side) the companions will be listed under the main appointment information as sub-appointment for each companion, this to allow companions information to be exported in reports.
Thank you

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mumbomedia answered 1 day ago

A request from one of our customer.
He wants the plugin to send a reminder to their clients some days before their appointment occur.
I would also code it on my own but I need info which hooks I could use (dev documentation).
So any response are welcome