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Michele asked 1 year ago
Hi Nikolas, I can't reply to my previous request about Google sync not working. I was not using php 8, but have upgraded to this, and made the change to the code as directed on rest.php. It did seem to sync, but now isn't again. It may be my settings for the bookings, but I've added other "busy" times for certain dates on my Google calendar, and they don't grey out on the web booking calendar. I have checked the old report, and it shows as 1 slot available for my 1 worker for all days/times. I'm sure it's probably a simple fix, but I've wasted 2 days now trying to get set up. I'm also still unable to delete one of the custom fields on my booking form, can I do this using ftp? I have a BASIC coding knowledge, but could access files by FTP. Please could I request some further help, or a way to reply to your answers, as I can't register for support account? Thanks Michele
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 1 year ago
Hi Michele, sorry for late reply. Do you still need support on this topic? Best regards, Nikola