Connexions with weekly recurrences

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tom_wallendorf asked 1 year ago
Hi ! i have a special request for my website, i dont know if it's possible to realize it with this plug-in. Basically my client has even and odd weeks in his calendar.
It means that in a month, the week 1 and  3  has the same schedules between them, while the week 2 and 4 has the same awsell. 
The problem is that the schedules changes drastically from a week to another because of that. So I would like to know if it has a way to make connexions changes automatically from a week to another for me to not change them every week.
I was thinking of make Odd connexions then Even connexion, but it make the customers only be able to take appointment for the current week.  The ideal would be to be able to select the wanted dates in the "date range" section from the connexion, but i think it would be kinda hard to code.  I am a web developper so i would be open to whatever code suggestions you could possibly suggest me...    Hope my issue is clear, otherwise you can let me know for further explanations.
Thank you !