Support forumCategory: QuestionsConnections tab date picker shows as picking one day behind when selecting the date; visual bug
Param asked 2 months ago

Sorry, reposting with correct title. I don’t know what happened to the title in the other one
Hi, When picking date in connections tab using the date picker tool, if I click on Aug 24 for example, it displays Aug 23 in the Start date field ( Same issue for End date ( It always displays the date picked minus one day. Seems to only be a visual bug in that form as when I save it, it enters the correct date that I wanted. (
Similarly, if I have the same connection thats active from Aug 23 – Aug 23, in date range, it will show Aug 23 on connections tab but when I click on to edit it, date range changes to Aug 22-Aug 22 (
Can you please let me know how to fix. Very odd and annoying visual bug