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mindfit asked 6 years ago
I made a comment on the previous person reporting this but here is my update. I said that maybe 10% of our customers where not getting confirmation emails, and that 5% where making payments on PayPal but no bookings where made. I am using the Connect (Beta) Version 0.9.1 It is now closer to around 30-50% are not receiving emails.  We have to check each email appointment and search for it and then edit and check 'send confirmation' for each booking.  We have 10-15 bookings a day so this is becoming time consuming to do manually what used to be automatic.   I notice that this happened around version 1.12.0 or 1.12.1 but I assumed that it was our customers not checking junk folders.  Also around the time wordpress updated.  So I downgraded wordpress.  Still had the problem (in fact this is when it increased) I have checked all the settings even though nothing has changed and it has been working fine for the months previous (issue is about 30-45 days old).  This does not happen all the time, sometimes the booking guest gets a confirmation and sometimes they do not.  I am unable to determine what the difference between them are. I would like to rollback the plugin as soon as possible, but you do not list on your information where I can get previous versions.   Thanks in Advance
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mindfit answered 6 years ago
I rollbacked the connect plugin.  That seemed to have been the issue, I think it i the latest version of the connect plugin that is not working.  I have emailed most the bookings to ask if they received the confirmation.  Those that have answered have indicated they have
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, for emails EA is relying on build in WordPress functions and those are connected to PHP settings. It will be good to check log file from your hosting that is created by send mail function if there is one. Also is there any error log records regarding EA in PHP error log file? Can you please tell me if you are using plugin that will use SMTP for sending emails? Best regards, Nikola
mindfit replied 6 years ago

I am using a plugin for smtp (Wp Default Sender Email by IT Pixelz) which I turned off for a night and had 5 bookings delivered via wordpress.

But as stated before it was the updated connect plugin that caused the issue. I roll it back to version 9 and so far all those customers who I emailed asking if they received their confirmation (that replied) stated they did.

For my theme it seems to be the updated plugin. I am content for now to use the old version of connect.

I could not see any errors for php for email within this website – but it does only show my errors for a day since I have several sites on the one host

Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, we will need some kind of error somewhere. But there is chance that emails were sent but they has been blocked by recipient side. Best regards, Nikola