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Trevor asked 6 years ago
Hi Confirmations emails not being sent to visitor / customer and admin unless it is the same email address as the admin email set in Wordpress's settings. So if I test using my own emails on form then the system sends them all and I receive them, but if a visitor submits a form with their emails address, or if I add a second admin email address on a different domain to my email address to receive the admin emails as well as me then they are not sent. I have checked and there is no error message generated under 'tools' - the confirmation emails just don't get sent to the visitor or admin (they are not being filtered into the junk / spam folders as we checked that too).   Can you help? What is happening. The plugin is great - but un-useable if I can't fix this problem. Do I need to change something or install an extra plugin like easy WP SMTP? I looked through the support forum and no-one else seems to have had this specific issue. I do also have the The Events Calendar plugin installed. Many thanks for your help Trevor.  
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Trevor I am not sure that you have understand how email server trust works. Imagine that you can set any address there that you want. You could set address of some Bank and request user credit card details. How the user will know if you are Bank for real. It's covering domain policy so as long it is same domain you will be trusted. You can use SMTP plugin for sending emails it will work, also you can set DNS records that will confirm that you are trusted source of emails from that domain. But I will go with SMTP :) Best regards, Nikola