Support forumCategory: BugsConfirmations emails not being sent to customer
Rahul Kumbhare asked 5 years ago

In am Finding This following error In the Tools Section Below error log.
———— ERROR #42 ————
ERRORS: {“wp_mail_failed”:[“You must provide at least one recipient email address.”]}
ERRORS_DATA: {“wp_mail_failed”:{“to”:[“”],”subject”:”Reservation 1″,”message”:”confirmed”,”headers”:[],”attachments”:[],”phpmailer_exception_code”:2}}
———- ERROR #42 END ———-
PLease help me to resolve this

dashaaratelier replied 5 years ago

I have the same problem. Seems like something has changed within an update. Another curious thing happened: I confirmed a booking request but the customer received a mail saying that the appointment has been canceled. Any idea how to fix it?