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Leslaw asked 4 years ago

In the EA system I have 2 locations, 18 services (9 per location) and 2 dummy worker – customer does not choose a specific worker and workers can’t move between locations.
There are 6 workers in the location number 1.
There are 2 workers in location number 2.
Then I’ve multiplicated the connections to get the right number of possible appointments.

When customer is making an reservation the EA system selects a free connection and assigns it to the given reservation.
When there is a lot of reservations, assigning them manually to real workers is very difficult.
If I knew the Connection ID chosen in the given reservation (Not ID of reservation), I could assign reservations to real employees outside the EA system. Is there any way to get a Connection ID in e-mail confirmation message, for example?
Below in the screenshot, the connection ID is marked in red.