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miert56 asked 4 years ago
Only in Chrom and Edge, the colors of the calendar are wrong. (It is good in Firefox) instead of being green, it has white shadow.
miert56 replied 4 years ago

I have recognized now, that in all browsers renders the same. I edited the CSS file to have a white background for dates not having slots, green having free slots, and red for fully booked dates.
Now there are white squares around each number. These white background around the numbers appeared recently. How can I remove these or change their colors?

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi, I have checked and there are no white squares around numbers. Have you solved the issue? Best regards, Nikola
miert56 replied 4 years ago

Yes. Since I did not receive any response for days, I tried to look at the problem. The structure of eafront-bootstrap.css has been changed recently. I edited mine 1-2 years ago, which produced the problem with the recent EA versions. The solution was the use the most recent version of eafront-bootstrap.css and change the colors codes in it.