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Miguel Staff asked 6 years ago
Hello First congratulate you for your plugin is flexible and easy to use.
I am using your plugin on my website and I am also using a forms plugin called Caldera Forms.
The idea is that my clients can request an appointment with your plugin filling in the fields called first name, last name and email, and then move to the other form on a different page.
The problem is that in the other form I also have the fields previously mentioned (name, last name and email), obviously I need them to be able to associate the appointment (Easy appointments) with the form (Caldera forms).
The question is whether there is any way to collect the data from the fields on the Easy Appointements form and fill in to the fields with the same information on the Caldera Forms form automatically, so the user does not have to write it twice.
. It is the first time that I make my own web page, but I have no problem if I have to add php code. I use the Code Snippets plugin and I have used it to solve several problems. Thanks in advance Miguel
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Miguel Staff answered 6 years ago
Hello again
I forgot to mention that it is fine too if I have to do it in the opposite direction
that is, the client would first enter the form (Caldera forms) and then request an appointment (Easy appointments), thus passing the data (name, last name and email) from Caldera Forms to Easy appointments.
Thanks again Miguel
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Miguel, it can be done by custom code only ATM. I can expose hook that can be use for such thing. Best regards, Nikola